Dandan’s Story

DG Recruit is a division of Dandan Global that specifically helps new and experienced headhunters and recruitment professionals get ahead in their careers.  

Dandan Zhu, Founder & CEO of Dandan Global, started her career as a headhunter right out of college. Within 5 years, she went from being broke to making 6-figures, eventually retiring from corporate at age 28 after a series of successful investments and becoming a global influencer in the career space. 

As an influencer in the headhunting community, Dandan went through career challenges similar to those facing many top-billing headhunters today. At the time, she had no one to trust, no one to turn to, and no one who would advise her on the best path forward in her headhunting career. Now, DG Recruit is that guiding hand and genuine advisor to make sure others will have options and support in their career in recruitment. 

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