In our industry of headhunting, candidates call the shots.

Make no mistake - this is a candidate-driven market. It’s a great time to be in your shoes!


A top-biller is rare so that companies are absolutely desperate to network with the top performers in our industry. No matter if you’re billing perm or contract placements, clients want to chat with you!

As your trusted advisor, advocate, and toughest negotiator, DG Recruit works with you to network and explore opportunities with our partners to access a wide variety of career opportunities with you on a 100% confidential and exploratory basis.


Our clients are eager to network with passive candidates in the following locations:

Open Positions

We are hiring for the following:

  • Junior Recruiters
  • Senior Recruiters
  • Team lead and Management
  • Executive, C-Level, and Board Seats
  • Internal Recruiting for Headhunting Agencies
  • Trainer
  • If you are a passive candidate with recruitment expertise looking for career advice or networking opportunities, we are very eager to hear from you.

    REACH US here with a short note on what you’d like us to support you with!